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Highlights Bioluminescent Spectacle: Experience the natural light show created by bioluminescent organisms, illuminating the ocean in an enchanting display of colors. Expert Dive Guides: Dive alongside knowledgeable dive guides who will ensure your safety and enhance your underwater experience with insights into nocturnal behavior and marine biology. Underwater Photography: Capture the magic of the night dive with underwater photography opportunities, immortalizing your encounters with unique marine life. Warm Beverages: Conclude your dive with complimentary warm beverages, allowing you to relax and share stories of your underwater adventures with fellow divers.
Activity Description Embark on an exhilarating underwater journey as you delve into the mysterious depths of the sea under the cloak of night. Our night dive adventure offers certified divers the chance to witness a hidden world teeming with nocturnal marine life. Led by experienced dive guides, you'll descend into darkness, guided only by the glow of your dive lights and the shimmering bioluminescence of the sea. Prepare to be amazed as the underwater landscape transforms, revealing creatures rarely seen during the day. From graceful octopuses to elusive lobster, the nocturnal realm beckons you to explore its secrets.
Important Information Optional Add-ons: Night Dive Specialty Certification Course Underwater Photography Rental Equipment Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours underwater, with additional time for briefing, debriefing, and enjoying warm beverages post-dive. Requirements: Certified Open Water Diver or equivalent certification. Previous diving experience recommended.
Inclusions Certified Dive Guides, High-Quality Dive Lights, Marine Life Spotting, Bioluminescence Experience, Pre-Dive Safety Briefing, Post-Dive Debriefing, Warm Beverages
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