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Tourism in Ajloun

Ajloun is located in the north of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it is one of the important tourist cities for locals and tourists, coming from different parts of the world, alike. This city is full of landmarks and shrines that attract tourists from all sides, such as historical and archaeological museums, which include collectibles dating back to the Neolithic era. In addition to the buildings that represent different civilizations such as the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic civilizations, such as churches, mosques, castles and antique buildings. This is in addition to local and international restaurants, commercial complexes and various entertainment centers. As well as its picturesque nature, which varies between towering mountains, waterfalls and valleys, and the green spaces that adorn its parts. These distinctive elements encourage many tourists to visit the city of Ajloun throughout the year, and to enjoy exploring and learning about its treasures