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Tourism in Irbid

Irbid, or as it is called the Bride of the North, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jordan that are worth a visit. The city contains the most beautiful archaeological tourist sites in addition to its picturesque green nature. The city includes a large number of gardens and parks to enjoy and relax in the lap of nature for lovers of calm and comfort. Besides the best malls and markets for shopaholics. It also includes many archaeological attractions for historical tourism lovers as well. One of the most famous of these landmarks is the Old City, or as it is also called downtown, which contains old buildings with their ancient architectural style and many shops and popular markets such as Souk Al Hamidiya and Souk Al Gold. The city is famous for its museums that offer a wide range of valuable artifacts such as the Jordanian Natural History Museum and the Beit Arar Museum cultural and many others. The city offers its visitors a variety of luxury hotels.